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Data Room Software

A buy-side process with the secure data room software allows receiving and transmitting data, solving communication problems, and sharing computer resources.

Threats to Information Security and Buy-Side Process

Currently, the number of threats to information security is constantly growing, they are becoming more diverse, and their implementation causes significant damage to both organizations and individuals. This situation determines the relevance of solving problems of information security and information protection. These questions are inextricably linked with the theory and practice of using modern information technologies. 

The model of the buy-side process with the secure data room software and the requirements for information protection of the designed or modified information system, on the basis of which the selection of the required level of system security is made, is determined at the stage of forming the technical task. These requirements largely determine the choice of technologies used and approach to the construction of computer systems. Appropriate theoretical foundations and models should be developed taking into account current threats and information security provisions. Special attention should be paid to solving the problems of protecting personal data when using network services that support solutions in the field of the digital economy and the Internet of things.

Safety requirements of data room software have the following composition:

â—    identity verification;

â—    controlled access and authorization;

â—    privacy protection;

â—    data integrity protection;

â—    the ability to keep records;

â—    registration and security check;

â—    security breach report.

Buy-Side Process with the Secure Data Room Software

One of the characteristics of a data room software is the topology (or architecture) of the network. Network topology is the geometric shape and physical location of computers in relation to each other. Network topology allows you to compare and classify different networks. There are three main types of topology: star, ring, bus.

Whenever there is a need to protect a document whose content is valuable or not distributable, the first thing that comes to mind is to use . This method of protection allows you to safely store your files. But what if you need to provide access to the content to third parties? What to do if you need to give access to the document only for a limited time, and revoke it after the completion of the project? The organization of office work affects the efficiency, efficiency, reliability of the functioning of the management apparatus, the organization, and the culture of work of management workers. With a rationally organized office-work process, specialists and managers are freed from operations that are unusual for them, the productivity and efficiency of their work increases and the costs associated with the functioning of the management apparatus are reduced.

General issues of construction and security of information systems are considered in the first chapter of the monograph. Requirements for information protection determine the composition, functions, and implementation features of the information protection subsystem and must be fulfilled, monitored, and updated at all stages of the life cycle of a computer system.

Buy-side processes are based on cryptographic principles. Cryptography uses special algorithms based on standards and publicly available, which makes it possible for them to be thoroughly researched and easy to implement. Cryptographic “strength” depends on both the cryptographic algorithm used and the size of the key used. To win the hearts and trust of customers with data room software, companies need to prioritize cybersecurity and data privacy in their business strategy, implement sound data management and privacy policies, and act in accordance with its provisions and clearly explain these provisions to all interested parties.


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